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Bleeding Complications From Coumadin

Coumadin (warfarin sodium) is a blood-thinning agent that is prescribed to people to prevent blood clots and strokes or pulmonary embolisms, which can result as a consequence. One of the difficulties with Coumadin is establishing the proper INR number. If a doctor fails to prescribe an appropriate amount of Coumadin, the patient may have an INR number that is unhealthy and can result in injuries:

  • Too high an INR can allow a person to bleed to death due to failure of the blood to clot
  • Too low an INR number can allow a clot stroke or embolism to occur

A healthy person’s INR number is one; for a patient on Coumadin, an INR between two and three is appropriate. Various factors can affect a patient’s INR number. A physician needs to take those issues into account to avoid injury or death.

Surgery And Coumadin

One major issue with Coumadin is how it is handled during surgery. Doctors suggest bridge therapy in advance of surgical procedures. A patient on anti-coagulation needs to be managed in preparation for the surgery as well as during it and in post-surgical care. Errors made in relation to a surgery can cause serious injury or death.

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