Scar, Burn And Disfigurement Lawyers

Serious burns can be some of the most serious injuries one can face. They can be painful and damaging, or even catastrophic and life-altering. In addition to causing pain, scarring, damage, and possible debilitation, they also can pose significant psychological problems.

When people are significantly burned because of the negligence or carelessness of others, it is important that they are afforded every resource to heal, recover and elevate their quality of life. Fortunately, the civil justice system can provide compensation and hold negligent parties accountable.

If you or a loved one has been significantly burned, we are here for you.

Ohio Burn Injury Lawyers

In court or at the negotiation table, we are prepared to take the approach that we have honed in more than 40 years of practice to obtain all compensation you need. We do everything possible to help our clients obtain compensation for physical and psychological injuries, including:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Depression
  • Self-image issues
  • Loss of self-confidence
  • Social problems
  • Physical limitations

We are ready to work on burn injury cases resulting from circumstances such as accidental fires caused by faulty appliances, highway crashes, job site chemical burn accidents and electrical accidents.

An example of our success:

  • $600,000 Settlement — A woman suffered severe burns to her face during a surgery when oxygen was ignited with a spark from an electric cautery instrument.

At Colley Shroyer & Abraham, our scar, burn and disfigurement attorneys represent injured people in Columbus and throughout Ohio, including Logan, Waverly and Delaware County.

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