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Firearms are inherently dangerous products. For the most part, people who use them take their weapons seriously and take all appropriate steps to ensure their safety and the safety of others when using a firearm. Most gun owners pass on a culture of safety and caution to their children. A healthy respect for what a firearm can do is a necessity when target shooting, hunting or simply handling a firearm.

Were You Injured By A Defective Firearm?

Unfortunately, a healthy respect for firearms can do nothing to protect a person from being injured by a defective firearm. If a firearm malfunctions, just the simple acts of loading, unloading or cleaning the weapon can result in serious injury or death. Accidental or unintentional discharges, exploding barrels, and breach explosions can all occur because of defects in the manufacture or design of a firearm.

Cases Related To Connecticut Valley Arms (CVA) And Other Manufacturers Of Primitive Weapons

Muzzleloaders and similar weapons offer people a glimpse back in the history of firearms. These modern produced versions of primitive weapons have left many people with serious injuries. CVA voluntarily recalled certain muzzleloaders manufactured in 1995 and 1996 due to catastrophic barrel failure.

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At Colley Shroyer Abraham, our attorneys have more than 150 years of combined experience fighting for the rights of the injured. We understand the challenges faced by those who have suffered a serious personal injury. Medical bills and lost wages can quickly overwhelm a household. No one should have to worry about those issues when they need to focus on their recovery. Our attorneys will put your best interests front and center before the court. We are dedicated to helping people recover the full compensation they need to be able to deal with their injuries and the issues those injuries have created.

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