Giving You The Resources To Recover

Helping Families Recover After Losing A Loved One To Surgical Malpractice

Whether a procedure is minor or major, emergency or scheduled, patients and their families expect surgeons to follow medical protocol to the highest possible standard. When they do not, even a simple surgery can result in death.

At Colley Shroyer Abraham, we understand that nothing is able to undo the pain, suffering and emotional torment caused by the loss of a loved one, especially when an insurer keeps calling to make a low offer. Our lawyers are there to stand up to callous insurance companies and demand the maximum potential monetary compensation to offset funeral costs, lost wages and projected long-term impact.

Understanding Surgical Malpractice

Cases involving death related to surgical malpractice vary greatly in nature. From our office in Columbus, Ohio, we are there to advocate for people after the loss of a family member due to:

  • Organ puncture or perforation
  • Retained foreign objects
  • Wrong-side surgery
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Gastric bypass malpractice
  • Failure to identify post-surgical complications

Additionally, we handle cases where a prolonged, delayed or unnecessary surgery resulted in wrongful death.

Aggressive And Compassionate Representation

When we take a case, there is zero upfront cost to clients. We charge only in the event we receive a positive settlement or verdict. Our clients have been through enough; we take on all the financial risk. As a well-known and respected firm in Franklin County courts, we have a proven track record for settling cases for the highest amount possible. Additionally, our trial lawyers are highly skilled in litigation, including cases where an insurer does not want to settle.

Moving Forward Together

No matter what led up to an accident, injury or death, turn to our firm for experienced and knowledgeable counsel. To schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney, reach us online or by phone at 877-450-2697 or 614-678-5072.