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It goes without saying that a serious injury can be devastating for you and your loved ones. A single moment can change the entire course of your future. Catastrophic injury victims deserve compensation when their harm was caused by someone else’s negligence.

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury or you lost a loved one to a fatal accident, then please reach out to us at Colley Shroyer Abraham. Ours is a Columbus-based personal injury firm dedicated to obtaining justice for catastrophic injury victims.

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We are lawyers who have obtained tens of millions of dollars in more than 40 years of practice in some of Ohio’s most complex personal injury cases. We are ready to use our experience to obtain the compensation that you deserve. We bring our unrelenting advocacy, investigative skills and comprehensive knowledge to our work as we do everything we can to obtain the compensation our clients deserve in cases involving:

Regardless of your injury, it is extremely important to get in touch with legal counsel as soon as possible. Early, decisive and deliberate action allows you to focus on healing and protects your rights as best as possible.

Proven Results Totaling Millions In Serious Injury Cases

Examples of our success include the following:

  • $9.7 million settlement: Our client suffered from Guillain-Barré syndrome resulting in temporary ascending paralysis. The physicians at The Ohio State University failed to timely intubate the 20-year-old college student as the paralysis began to affect her ability to breathe. As a result, she suffered a lack of oxygen and a permanent brain injury. The Ohio State University attempted to argue that she only had a two-year life expectancy as a result of the permanent brain injury. Our experts testified that her life expectancy in a persistent vegetative state was 20 or more years. To date, our client is alive and has survived more than 12 years. We structured the settlement so there are funds available to pay for her care if she lives a normal life expectancy. The future payouts of the structured settlement will exceed $20 million.
  • $1 million jury trial: A young man sustained a severed sciatic nerve when the handgun he was cleaning discharged after the clip was removed. Plaintiff alleged defective design and failure to warn, and the case proceeded to trial before a jury. As the jury completed its deliberation, the case settled for a confidential amount.

We are skilled trial lawyers who can take your case all the way to a jury verdict if needed.

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