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When X-Rays Are Misinterpreted, The Fallout Can Be Severe

Medical imaging via X-ray, CT scan and MRI has granted doctors a tremendous advantage in diagnosing and screening for various diseases, medical conditions and injuries. However, these powerful tools are worthless if the people using them fail to correctly interpret the information that these devices provide.

Many medical conditions can be effectively treated if they are properly identified at an early stage. If a radiologist fails to see signs of a disease or fails to accurately assess the realities of an injury, the consequences can be terrible or even fatal for the patient. The attorneys at Colley Shroyer Abraham help people in Ohio seek justice for the ill effects of failed diagnostic measures.

Diagnostic Technology’s Limitations Put Your Health In Jeopardy

Some common types of medical issues that are exacerbated by failure to accurately assess an X-ray, CT scan or MRI include:

  • Failure to find bone fractures – When bone fractures go undetected, potential issues such as an inappropriately healed bone that may cause pain, limited motion and increased potential for future fractures can occur
  • Failure to diagnose cancer – An unidentified tumor can rapidly spread throughout the body, leading to death or the need for more dramatic and difficult types of treatment.
  • Failure to diagnose bleeding – Internal bleeding can easily cause death if not caught quickly enough. Internal bleeding may occur after a surgery, from an accident, or can be caused by drugs such as Coumadin. The bleeding needs to be located and stopped, and the patient needs to be transfused or otherwise resupplied with sufficient blood.

If failed diagnostic measures have negatively impacted your health and well-being, our attorneys can help you explore potential legal remedies.

We Have Obtained Tens Of Millions Of Dollars For Our Clients

At Colley Shroyer Abraham, we understand the impact a misread medical image can have. Radiologists and other medical image readers have a tremendous responsibility. The success of all medical treatment relies on appropriate diagnosis. When that first step fails, care is not effective. Our firm is skilled at holding radiologists and other physicians responsible for failed readings of X-rays, CT scans or MRIs. We have extensive experience in reviewing medical images with an eye toward catching signs of disease or injury that should have been caught the first time.

For more information on how we have helped people, turn to our Verdicts And Settlements page.

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