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Defective product responsible for dog illnesses and deaths

Dogs are considered man's best friend. Most dog owners consider their pets to be part of the family in Ohio. Hundreds of families around the state and around the country have been mourning the loss of a canine family member in recent days. The cause is believed to have come from a defective product that owners were feeding their pets.

Science Diet dog food is a brand familiar to many pet owners and frequently recommended by veterinarians. A pet owner in Lakewood gave her dog Science Diet after her vet recommended it after the dog developed an illness a couple of years ago. The canine had done well on the food until recently, but then he began losing weight, developed an unquenchable thirst and had trouble walking. The symptoms corresponded to those associated with vitamin D poisoning, and the dog died as a result of the symptoms he experienced. The food maker's Facebook page had hundreds of stories posted that were similar to this one.

Drunk driving accident results in death of off-duty officer

Drunk driving accidents that result in tragic deaths will probably never cease to exist, though hopefully they will be greatly reduced. That does not make every incident any less tragic. A recent drunk driving accident in Ohio resulted in the death of an off-duty police officer.

A young officer with the Clearcreek Township Police Department died in a crash on Ohio 125. The police chief noted that his death was ironic as the officer who died liked traffic duty because it afforded him the opportunity to get drunk drivers off the roads. The driver who hit the officer was believed to be drunk at the time of the crash.

Did you buy and item that should have had a product recall?

Ohio residents might be frustrated as the 2019 shutdown of the federal government drags on. Though things seem to be improving and many federal entities are preparing to resume business as usual, there may be some lasting effects of one of the longest shutdowns in history. One thing people may not know is that while the some government entities were closed down or operating on a skeleton staff, everyday consumers were at risk because nobody was watching to issue a product recall, if necessary. 

Under normal circumstances, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, helps companies issue and enforce a product recall if a product is found to be dangerous to consumers. In recent weeks, the CPSC was unavailable to do this very important job, leaving consumers in the dark about the dangers of an item they purchased. With most consumers unaware that nobody is watching out for their safety and the safety of their family, there is no telling how many people have been injured or made ill by a product that would have been recalled under normal circumstances. 

Drunk driving accident rate is low in Ohio

New Year's Eve is considered one of the potentially deadliest nights of the year on Ohio roadways. While a drunk driving accident can certainly happen in Ohio on that night, other states are considered more dangerous. According to a recent study, our state is actually one of the safer ones.

The study was conducted by SafeWise, a website that reviews residential security systems, from data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It looked at the number of deaths attributed to DUI across the country, and Ohio came in 39 out of 50 with 2.86 deaths per 100,000 people attributed to drunk or impaired driving. The numbers are from 2017 and are not limited to death's that occurred New Year's Eve.

Loss of Ohio woman's life calls attention to medical overdoses

When a doctor, nurse, surgeon or other medical provider fails to complete their job properly, the consequences can be deadly. A medical error could deprive a family of their loved one forever.

Such is the case in a pending lawsuit against Mount Carmel Health System. A woman who went to the emergency room to treat serious chest pain lost her life - not due to her original health condition, but due to an overdose of fentanyl.

Doctor Linked to Medical Negligence Fentanyl Death

A wrongful death lawsuit resulting from medical negligence was filed against Mount Carmel hospital, a doctor, and other medical staff claiming they intentionally gave a lethal dose of the drug Fentanyl to a 79-year-old woman in order to hasten her death.

Pharmaceuticals bear some blame in creation of dangerous product

Medicine is meant to improve a person's physical or mental condition. While medications need to be taken according to instructions to be effective, taking them as instructed should not be harmful. A judge in Ohio has recently issued a ruling allowing several claims against retailers, manufacturers and distributors to proceed. He stated in part of the ruling that these parties had taken part in the creation of a dangerous product that has plagued our nation for the past 20 years.

The judge determined that the defendants in the lawsuits contributed to the crisis through their actions and inactions around the creation, marketing and distribution of prescription opioids. The judge also determined that the parties in the suit contributed to the opioid addiction of millions of Americans. He concluded that they should have foreseen that those addicted would probably turn to street drugs to feed their addictions.

Speed and alcohol contribute to fatal car accident

Cars have become necessary to America's way of life in most places. Ohio is certainly one of them. An increased number of vehicles on the roads has lead to an increase in the likelihood of being involved in a car accident. Car safety features, traffic laws, and traffic signs and signals are all part of an effort to protect drivers from serious injury. Failing to make use of safety features or obey traffic laws can lead to tragedy.

Early one Sunday morning, a young woman was heading east on Lindsay Avenue in Akron. She was driving very fast and failed to stop at a stop sign, according to a report from the Ohio State Highway Patrol. As a result of failing to stop, her car reportedly struck another vehicle in the intersection.

Failure to obtain consent can result in medical malpractice

Surgery is never an easy or pleasant experience to contemplate. When a child faces surgery it can be a particularly stressful and difficult time for the child's family. The family wants to believe they are doing the best for the child and typically place their trust and confidence in the surgeon. If a procedure goes awry, it can result in a medical malpractice lawsuit in Ohio.

In a case at Cincinnati Children's Hospital that trust turned out to be sadly misplaced. A surgeon performed a spinal procedure on a young boy who was then 12 years old. During the procedure, the surgeon used a device that had not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and the surgeon neglected to inform the patient or the family of that fact.

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