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Car accident on Ohio 128 results in one death and injuries

The number of vehicles on Ohio roadways continues to increase, and with additional vehicles comes the additional risk of injury or death. Cars are being built with more safety features, but in spite of this, a fatal car accident is an ever present possibility. An accident in Fairfield Township resulted in the death of one person and injuries to two others.

A 2013 Nissan was travelling southwest on Ohio 128 when it crossed the center line and hit a Hyundai sedan travelling in the opposite direction. The Nissan then hit a tractor trailer that was also travelling northeast. After hitting the tractor trailer the Nissan came to a stop after hitting a guard rail.

Drunk driving accident kills man directing traffic

Minor car accidents are a fact of life and happen every day in Ohio and around the country. Most happen without any serious incidents, and people go on about their lives, get the car repaired and may even forget it ever happened. But when a drunk driving accident causes fatalities, there may be many people affected who will not easily forget the tragedy.

On a recent evening near Toledo, two gentleman were driving on West Laskey Road near Jamieson when they were involved in a crash. The accident happened at about 7:30 p.m. Both men got out of the car to inspect the damage. One of the two men began directing traffic around the accident scene. An approaching vehicle hit the damaged car and pushed it into the man who was attempting to direct traffic.

Misdiagnosis results in a medical malpractice case

When a person feels seriously ill in Ohio a reasonable thing for that person to do is to go to the hospital. One tends to trust the information received by a doctor and accepts the treatment prescribed. If a doctor or hospital fails to properly diagnose a symptom or administers an incorrect treatment, grounds may exist for a medical malpractice claim.

A woman in Sandusky fell ill in Oct. 2013. She was taken to the hospital and several tests were administered. The doctor's informed her husband that she had a brain tumor and required steroids to treat the tumor. This turned out to be an incorrect diagnosis. There was no tumor but instead the woman was suffering from an infection in her brain.

Fatal car accident in Ohio construction zone

At this time of year it seems like construction zones are everywhere, especially on Ohio highways. While they can seem to be a nuisance to drivers as they attempt to get to vacation or weekend destinations, the work being done is necessary to maintain the safety of the roadways. The reduced speed limits in construction zones are there to protect the safety of both workers and drivers. Sadly, a fatal car accident occurred recently that ended in the death of a construction worker.

A car was traveling eastbound on US 24 in Waterville Township in a construction zone. The car changed lanes and veered into the lane under construction. The vehicle struck a construction worker and a truck. The worker died as a result of his injuries.

Medical malpractice lawsuit brought by a former inmate

While a person may be serving time in prison for a crime he or she committed, that individual still deserves access to adequate health care when needed in Ohio. In a current case in another state a former prisoner brought a medical malpractice claim against the state for mistreatment of a cancer while he was incarcerated. The cancer went undiagnosed during the gentleman's period of incarceration.

The inmate suffered from a subcutaneous melanoma that was mistakenly treated as psoriasis over a three year period. The man's mother described her son's appearance to a group of lawmakers during a recent hearing. She described her son as looking like a mummy when she visited him three years ago. There was a hole in his palm that she could see through. He was only recently diagnosed as having skin cancer.

Colley Shroyer Abraham featured in report on birth complications

The birth of a child is supposed to be a joyous occasion, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Complications can arise that lead to injury or death for the mother or baby.

Such was the case with Antoinette Pratsinakis when she gave birth to her five-year-old daughter, Lucy. Antoinette suffered a stroke four days after the delivery, which left her with slight vision problems, limited use of her left arm and a limp. She spent 10 weeks in the intensive care unit and an impatient rehabilitation facility, relearning to walk - when she expected to be home spending time with her newborn.

Unexpected car crash can cause fear and confusion

People are told to drive defensively and prepare for the unexpected. When driving in Ohio a person can keep an eye on the drivers in his or her vicinity and try to be prepared for any eventuality. But when a car unexpectedly veers into a person's lane, defensive actions may not be possible. An unexpected maneuver like that may be almost impossible to prepare for. Such was the case in a recent car crash near Toledo.

A car was heading north on a local roadway when it veered into traffic and collided with another vehicle. That car burst into flames. The occupants were rescued from the burning vehicle by good Samaritans and then waited for help to arrive.

Investigation Reveals Faulty Food Practices At Chipotle As Reports Of Illnesses Rise

The number of Powell, Ohio Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant patrons, affected after eating food at the restaurant grew and now is slightly over 700 victims according to the Delaware County General Health District. The outbreak signals that despite spending millions of dollars on food safety measures at its restaurants, there are likely remaining issues with the chain's food handling practices.

Food products can be defective, too

When it comes to product defects, the first things that come to mind might be mass produced goods. Many may remember the national Tylenol recall of 1982, prompted by product tampering that killed seven people. In 2014, General Motors recalled 30 million cars due to faulty ignitions that resulted in 124 deaths. And then there's the Takata air bag recall that continues today.

Prepared foods might not rise swiftly to the surface as a source of possible product defect, but headlines in recent days show it's a threat to not take lightly. 

Cooking spray can be a dangerous product

Cooking is a task carried out many times a day in homes all across the country and in Ohio. While accidents happen, most people exercise caution and care in the kitchen to prevent injuries. Most people wouldn't expect a can of cooking spray to be the cause of a serious accident and probably wouldn't view it as a dangerous product.

A woman from Cincinnati was seriously burned when a can of cooking spray she was using exploded. She is suing the manufacturer after the product exploded while it was near her stove. The explosion caused severe burns and physical deformity as well as pain and suffering.

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