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Fatal car accident can turn a happy holiday into a sad reminder

The holiday season is in full swing in Ohio. People are shopping, heading to holiday parties and other celebrations. As a consequence, both car and truck traffic have increased. With the increase in traffic comes an increased risk for accidents. A fatal car accident occurred recently in Jackson County.

The accident happened on U.S. 35. A man driving a 2003 Honda Civic was headed west at about 6:30 a.m. A tractor-trailer was heading toward U.S. 35 from Cain Road. According to reports from the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the driver of the truck failed to yield when attempting to make a left turn onto U.S. 35.

Slip-and-fall accidents need not mar the holiday season

The holiday shopping season is here and with increased foot traffic in stores the risk of a fall can increase in Ohio. As stores and public spaces become more crowded there may be more obstacles and floors may be wetter due to inclement weather. If it is an outdoor venue ice may be a factor. So what should a person do if one is involved in a slip-and-fall accident?

After a fall it is a good idea to seek medical attention. Even if there is no obvious damage, falls can cause problems that if not treated could become debilitating. Getting checked out and finding nothing is wrong can provide peace of mind. Notify the management of the property where the accident took place and ask that the person write up the incident and provide a copy of the report. Remain calm and do not accept blame or place fault with the establishment where the fall occurred.

Failure to assess a fall risk can lead to medical malpractice

As people age physical capacities may diminish. Following a serious ailment, such as a stroke, further physical abilities may change or disappear. People in nursing homes in Ohio rely on a doctor's review of the situation to ensure that proper care is given and one of the greatest dangers to people in nursing homes or in a hospital is the risk of a fall. Evaluating a patient's risk for falls is a critical component to helping to ensure that the patient receives adequate care. Failure to appropriately assess this risk can result in a medical malpractice suit.

A patient in a nursing home had suffered a stroke and required a wheelchair. He did have the ability to transfer himself from the chair to the toilet and back again with assistance. The patient was left alone by a nursing home staff person one day while on the toilet. He fell while attempting to transfer himself from the toilet to his wheelchair. The fall resulted in a broken hip that was not promptly diagnosed.

Don't let a product recall mar the holiday

It is Thanksgiving, and the holiday season is here. No one wants to have his or her holiday festivities marred by an incident of food poisoning. A product recall should serve as a notice for people in Ohio to check their pantry or freezer for potential issues.

This year, spices are included in the recalls that also include ground beef products. Baraka brand curry powder was found to contain high levels of lead, and the UPC codes are 822514265566 for hot curry and 822514265535 for regular curry powder.  The products were shipped to several midwestern states, including Ohio. Consuming products contaminated with lead can be particularly harmful to children. Products should be returned to the point of purchase.

Doctor error results in the loss of a kidney

Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments among older Americans. It is a malady suffered by people all over the country, including in Ohio. There are many treatments available that range from medication to back surgery to attempt to reduce the pain. A woman in another state had opted for surgery on her back. The surgery also resulted in the loss of a kidney as a result of a doctor error.

The woman had been admitted for a procedure that would result in the fusing of vertebrae in her lower back. This was being done in an attempt to reduce her back pain. A general surgeon whom the woman met prior to being wheeled into the operating room was responsible for preparing the surgical site for the orthopedic surgeon to perform the spinal fusion. This is a common occurrence, but what wasn't common was that the surgeon created the incision in the woman's pelvic area and identified what he believed to be a tumor; he then made a unilateral decision to remove it.

Accidental overdoses can result in medical malpractice

The opioid epidemic continues to plague Ohio and other states around the country. Many people still attach a stigma of moral failing to the problem of addiction and blame the addict. One of the refrains so often heard is that the addict had a choice to take the pills and made the wrong choice. But what if the pills are prescribed by a doctor to hard-working people simply trying to find relief for chronic pain? Accidental overdoses may be attributable to medical malpractice.

A patient treated for pain at the Cleveland Clinic recently died from accidental overdoses of opioid medications. He was a grandfather and a long-distance truck driver who was a big fan of Patsy Kline. He suffered from back pain brought on by years of long periods of sitting while driving his truck and back strain caused by loading and unloading cargo. He had also suffered prior injuries and surgeries to his back, knees and shoulder.

Prescription inserts can backup medical malpractice suits

Botched surgeries, incorrect or delayed diagnoses can frequently result in lawsuits. If a person suffers harm at the hands of an Ohio physician through insufficient care a medical malpractice suit is often the result. Another source of malpractice can be the incorrect prescribing or dosing of medications.

People are familiar with the small inserts that typically accompany prescription medication. Those pieces of paper are viewed as legalese and frequently discarded. However, in addition to the legal language provided by the pharmaceutical company is also information regarding dosages, drug interactions and precautions to be noted if taking or prescribing the drug. In some recent cases, this information has been used in medical malpractice lawsuits.

Failure to stop results in car accident, killing a young family

The impact of a fatal car accident is always life-changing to those who are left behind in Ohio. But when an entire young family dies in a car accident, the trauma can be overwhelming. There was a serious accident in Ashtabula that caused the deaths of four people.

The accident occurred about 11:30 one evening near West 58th Street and Adams Avenue. Four people were riding in a Toyota Corolla. They included a 22-month-old toddler, his 18-year-old father, his 19-year-old mother and a 47-year-old woman. The car was hit by a Dodge Ram truck.

Car crash involving a truck causes havoc

Trucks and cars share the same roadways in Ohio and around the country. As traffic increases, so does the likelihood of car and truck-involved crashes. A car crash involving a tractor-trailer and multiple vehicles caused numerous injuries and the closure of a stretch of I-71 that backed up traffic for several hours.

The accident happened in Medina County near mile marker 217. A semi struck another vehicle, a Nissan, causing the driver of the Nissan to lose control and hit a guardrail. The Nissan flipped into the median and came to rest on its roof. The semi continued moving and hit a Dodge Ram pickup truck. After hitting the pickup, the semi came to a stop.

Product recall of foods that could cause illness

When one goes to the grocery store in Ohio and purchases packaged, processed foods, one expects that the items will be safe to eat. One might check an expiration or sell-by date, but otherwise, the purchase is made with confidence that it is safe. A recent product recall by Ukrop's Homestyle Foods may give consumers a reason to take a second look at some purchases.

The company discovered that some products produced between Sept. 14, 2018 and Oct. 3, 2018 may be contaminated with the listeria bacteria. The company has issued a recall on many products that include turkey, bacon, chicken or beef. The products contain the marking of EST.19979 inside the USDA inspection mark. Ohio is among the states that received these products.

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