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The Attorneys You Need After An Elevator Injury

Elevators are so commonplace that we rarely give riding them a second thought. From shopping centers and hospitals to apartment complexes and parking structures, they are practically everywhere you turn. But the fact that elevators are common doesn’t mean they’re always safe. Like any product, they can be inadequately maintained, improperly designed or poorly manufactured.

When an elevator malfunctions, there is a real potential for serious injury or even death. If you or a loved one has been in an elevator accident, you need an experienced lawyer working on your behalf. Having an elevator accident lawyer by your side can make all the difference in helping you obtain maximum compensation and moving forward.

Types Of Elevator Malfunctions

When you step on an elevator, you do so with a reasonable expectation that the ride will be brief and unremarkable. Unfortunately, that’s not always what happens.

Examples of elevator malfunctions can include elevators that:

  • Stop unexpectedly between floors
  • Plummet to the ground
  • Race upward
  • Have doors that won’t close or open
  • Bounce, lurch or make other unexpected moves

If you’ve sustained an elevator injury, your bills for physical and psychological trauma could be considerable. You shouldn’t have to pay for that betrayal of trust.

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