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​JUUL Products Put Their Customers At Risk – We Have The Resources To Help You

JUUL is a company that specializes in manufacturing e-cigarettes. Recently, it has been legally targeted for marketing its product to teens. Many teens developed lung-related health issues, and parents have begun building class action lawsuits against the company. If you believe an injury to yourself or a loved one is due to the negative effects of a JUUL product, you may have a case for compensation.

At Colley Shroyer Abraham, our team has provided personal injury representation to Ohio residents for years. We can evaluate your case, starting with a free consultation, and determine whether you have a chance at obtaining compensation for vaping product injuries.

The Effects Are Wide-Ranging, So Is The Compensation

Vaping devices like JUUL bring harmful chemicals into your bloodstream, and the vapor alone can have potentially harmful effects on the body. While researchers only have a little over a decade of data regarding the use of these e-cigarette devices, it is possible to prove their connection to detrimental injuries and illnesses.

Compensation for such personal injuries can cover medical expenses, general pain and suffering, lost wages from missing work and other relevant losses. Our attorneys receive recognition for their success in representing the wronged and injured. We can help you pursue damages for your suffering.

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