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Why A Cancer Misdiagnosis Is So Serious

Cancer is a disease where time is a crucial factor. The earlier cancer is detected, the more effective treatment can be in most cases. This means that family doctors and other physicians need to be acutely aware and vigilant for the first signs of cancer. Any failure to detect cancer at its earliest stages can cause a treatable disease to become a fatal one.

At the Columbus law firm of Colley Shroyer Abraham, we have seen firsthand the devastating consequences of failure to timely diagnose cancer. Our lawyers have obtained compensation for people across Ohio who were harmed by misdiagnosis and other types of medical negligence. We are committed to holding health care providers and institutions accountable.

Commonly Overlooked Cancers

Three of the major types of cancer that are most affected by the failure of a doctor to catch early signs include:

  • Colon cancer After the age of 50, screening for colon cancer via colonoscopy should be recommended. Colon cancer is very treatable if it is detected early enough. Polyps can be removed from the colon before they become cancerous.
  • Lung cancer X-rays can be a primary way of detecting lung cancer. We can look to see if signs of cancer were missed on any earlier X-rays.
  • Breast cancer Abnormalities on mammograms call for further investigation possibly with a biopsy. Any lack of follow up and further study of the results of the mammogram can lead to the progression of cancer to the point where serious injury or fatality is a possibility.

Any type of cancer can get overlooked when doctors fail to take your symptoms seriously or order the right diagnostic tests.

We Have Obtained Tens Of Millions Of Dollars For Our Clients

At Colley Shroyer Abraham, our firm understands how to build strong cases from the complex medical records that are typically part of a medical malpractice case. We have experience analyzing medical records for any deviation from the accepted standards of care that determine how a doctor should respond to certain symptoms. With more than 150 years of combined experience, our attorneys have the skill necessary to be able to help you or a loved one who was injured by a misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose cancer.

For more information on how we have helped people, turn to our verdicts and settlements page.

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