Drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving

Drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving

| Apr 17, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Drivers should never get behind the wheel of a vehicle unless they are in the right mental shape to drive. Those who are fatigued or drowsy when they’re driving can cause catastrophic wrecks that have serious impacts on the drivers who share the roads with them. Drowsy driving is preventable, so any driver who feels as though they are too sleepy to drive should take the time to rest before continuing their journey. 

Around 1 out of every 25 adult drivers have fallen asleep while they were driving within the prior 30 days, according to a survey. For some of these, an undiagnosed sleep disorder might be the culprit. It’s estimated that more than 70 million Americans suffer from one, but this isn’t the only thing that can cause drowsy driving. 

Some drivers are tired because they simply haven’t gotten enough sleep. Most adults need to sleep at least seven hours per night. Teens need about an hour more than that.Having to do shift work and working long hours can contribute to fatigue. Sometimes, the issue is that the person takes medications that induce drowsiness. Even some common over-the-counter allergy medications can do this. 

When a fatigued driver continues operating their vehicle, they put others at risk. If you’re struck by one of these negligent individuals, you might choose to seek compensation for the financial impacts that the wreck has on you. This may include medical bills, lost wages and other damages, so be sure to think about all the different ways that you were affected so you can include them all in the case.