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Why bus and semi-truck crashes tend to be so complex

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2023 | Trucking Accidents |

Any type of motor vehicle can potentially cause a crash. Despite traffic laws and design features that aim to keep people safe on the road, it only takes a few small mistakes for a crash to put people in the hospital or worse.

Ohio has hundreds of thousands of passenger vehicles on the road and thousands of commercial vehicles using the roads daily. Buses, semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles can cause some of the worst collisions possible. They are so much bigger and heavier than smaller vehicles that they can cause catastrophic injuries and property damage losses for others even when their operators remain safe as a result of such crashes. To add to the challenges posed by these vehicles, those affected by a crash caused by a commercial vehicle can often expect a more challenging process when seeking compensation.

Bigger vehicles cause bigger losses

Given the severity of the damages a commercial vehicle can cause, the rules are different for these bigger vehicles. Commercial drivers need special licenses to legally drive a bus or a semi-truck. The companies that offer commercial transportation services need to carry bigger insurance policies because of the damages these vehicles can potentially create.

Frequently, commercial vehicle collisions may involve multiple vehicles. A recent Ohio bus collision started with a semi-truck rear-ending a charter bus full of students and eventually involved five separate vehicles. It can be difficult for insurance professionals and police officers to figure out who is at fault when there are multiple vehicles involved in a wreck.

Liability can also be harder to establish. People wonder whether the driver is to blame or possibly their employer. Sometimes, even outside businesses, like those that manufacture vehicle parts, could be liable because they contributed to the crash occurring.

After establishing liability, it can be difficult to obtain an appropriate amount of compensation. Companies providing commercial liability insurance are often very aggressive when negotiating claims because the policies are bigger. The people affected by these crashes may have a hard time estimating the compensation they should request. The average person finds it difficult to put a price tag on injuries that have affected their life or claim the life of a loved one. Thankfully, seeking legal guidance can lead to favorable outcomes for crash victims grappling with any number of challenging circumstances.