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Most dangerous roads in Columbus, Ohio

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2023 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

MoneyGeek reported that Ohio’s most dangerous month on the roads for accidents was August from 2018 to 2020. While that statistic encompasses the whole state, the capital city likely contributed heavily.

Columbus, Ohio, is home to a vast road network, with some of its roads gaining notoriety for their heightened accident rates and associated dangers.

Interstate 71

This major north-south highway has multiple lanes and high-speed limits, making it susceptible to a range of accidents, including rear-end collisions, lane departures and rollovers. Distracted driving, speeding and adverse weather conditions are common contributing factors to accidents on I-71.

Interstate 70

Another vital east-west highway, I-70 frequently experiences traffic congestion and a high frequency of accidents. Rear-end collisions and accidents involving large trucks are commonplace on this route. Speeding, reckless driving and inadequate following distances are primary causes.

U.S. Route 33

The Riverside Drive section of U.S. Route 33 is infamous for its narrow, winding lanes. Accidents on this road primarily involve lane departures, head-on collisions and sideswipes. The crashes often result from excessive speed, impaired driving and the road’s challenging layout.

Interstate 270

The Columbus Outerbelt, or I-270, is a busy circular highway around the city. It experiences various accidents, including multi-vehicle collisions and rollovers, with contributing factors such as speeding, distracted driving and aggressive maneuvers during heavy traffic.

Broad Street

Broad Street, a major east-west thoroughfare, has diverse traffic conditions and accident-prone intersections. Accidents typically involve pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, with common causes including failure to yield, red-light running and driver inattention.

Cleveland Avenue

U.S. Route 23, also known as Cleveland Avenue, is notorious for its high traffic volume and frequent accidents. Rear-end collisions, intersection crashes and pedestrian accidents are common here, with speeding, failure to yield and impaired driving as significant contributing factors.

North High Street

North High Street, a bustling urban thoroughfare, sees a high number of accidents, especially in the downtown area. Intersection collisions, bicycle accidents and rear-end crashes are typical. Driver distractions, red-light running and the presence of pedestrians contribute to these accidents.

Accidents on these tricky roads in Columbus, Ohio, usually happen for more than one reason. To stay safe, drivers should be careful, follow the traffic rules and stay alert when driving on these challenging roads.