Serious medical mistake has tragic consequences

Serious medical mistake has tragic consequences

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People in Ohio and around the nation tend to trust their doctors to deliver accurate medical information and certainly accurate test results. A diagnosis of cancer, while not always the death sentence it once was, is still frightening. In a recent case in another state a man received a cancer diagnosis and had surgery as a result of the diagnosis, only to then find out that he did not have cancer at all. A serious medical mistake led to the mishap.

The man went to the doctor with symptoms that could indicate prostate cancer, and so a biopsy was done. The man and his wife were told that he did have prostate cancer and the best option was to remove the prostate. The surgery was completed but not without complications. The man was left impotent and incontinent following the procedure. It was then discovered that his test results had been confused with another man’s and the surgery had been completely unnecessary.

The man and his wife filed a malpractice suit against the hospital and the pathologist involved in the case. The suit sought $15 million in damages. The hospital agreed that the surgery was a mistake but disputed the amount of damages. The plaintiffs argued that their quality of life had been irreparably damaged. A jury agreed and returned a $12.25 million verdict.

The result of a medical test carries life-changing implications for the patient. A medical mistake that results in an unnecessary surgery in Ohio cannot be undone, and when complications cause permanent damage the life-altering implications can be overwhelming. Anyone who finds him or herself in such a situation may wish to confer with a personal injury attorney. A lawyer can review the facts of the case and advise the client as to whether a civil lawsuit for medical malpractice is a viable option.