March and the early spring car crash

March and the early spring car crash

| Mar 19, 2018 | Car Accidents |

It is past St. Patrick’s Day, and everyone is tiring of winter. Spring is in sight and one can feel it in the air. And then it happens, the March snow storm. It can happen at anytime and be a brief snow shower or a squall, complete with white outs, that can create hazardous driving conditions in Ohio that can lead to a car crash.

A rapid weather change was a contributing factor in a multiple car crash on Interstate 80 near Austintown. The chain reaction car crash began when two vehicles, one a passenger vehicle and the other a tractor-trailer, collided on the highway. Visibility at the time was poor so approaching vehicles may not have been able to see the accident in front of them. Two additional crashes, one involving six vehicles and one involving 11 vehicles, occurred and caused multiple injuries that resulted in at least two people, one of whom was a child, being transported to an area hospital.

As winter turns to spring people are tempted to relax more while driving and be less concerned about the weather. Weather conditions can change in an instant. It is important to remain vigilant and know the forecast. If bad weather and poor visibility are encountered, a driver must always be prepared to stop or reduce speed to avoid an accident. In the above accident, speed and weather conditions were said to be the cause.

In an accident like the one above where so many vehicles are involved, a person could benefit from seeking counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney in Ohio. An experienced attorney can advise a person of the options for legal recourse. Being involved in an accident is always stressful, but legal counsel can help relieve the stress and offer ongoing assistance in dealing with the aftermath of a car crash.

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