Impaired driving, who should make the call?

Impaired driving, who should make the call?

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When someone has had too much to drink and cannot drive, it may not be wise to take their car keys from them. Instead of approaching a stranger or even someone you know, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers suggests calling the police. In Ohio and every other state, impaired driving is a serious crime and should be handled by the police.

Authorities agree that the risk of physical confrontation is higher when asking for keys from someone who has had too much to drink. Under Ohio law, a good Samaritan could face theft charges for taking another person’s keys. Officers recommend using good judgment, get the license number, know the subject’s location and call 911.

In one instance, a mail carrier took keys from an impaired driver sitting in her SUV. The carrier gave the woman’s keys to her neighbor who then called the police. Officers spent a half hour talking her out of her car. Later, she called the department to thank them, the postal carrier and her neighbors for keeping her safe.The woman is currently facing charges of OVI and OVI refusal.

Every year thousands of people die because of drunk or impaired driving. When a person gets behind the wheel of a car after drinking, the chances of an accident increase significantly. In Ohio, when someone is injured or killed because of a drunk driver, a personal injury attorney can help victims, including the surviving families of deceased victims. A lawyer can provide guidance and help determine their next step toward pursuing a claim for monetary damages against the  party or parties believed responsible.

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