Ohio man to serve 36 months for fatal drunk driving accident

Ohio man to serve 36 months for fatal drunk driving accident

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Possibly one of the biggest milestones in a typical teenager’s life is the day he or she earns the privilege to drive. While most teens are elated by their new freedom, parents likely alternate between pride and fear that a serious accident will befall them. One Ohio family’s worst fears came true last year when their daughter was killed in a drunk driving accident.

The 64-year-old man who was behind the wheel that fateful evening recently had his day in court for sentencing. The wreck occurred in March 2016. The victim, a 17-year-old high school junior, had pulled her vehicle off the side of the interstate when it became disabled. The driver of an approaching vehicle failed to stay in his travel lane.

He veered onto the shoulder and collided with the young victim’s car. She was transported for care but later succumbed to her critical injuries. The driver’s blood alcohol content was well more than twice the legal limit. The judge determined that, along with the 36 month prison sentence, the man is responsible for $15,000 in fines. His driving privileges were permanently revoked.

The judge stated that it is her hope these penalties will act as a deterrent to other motorists in an effort to prevent another drunk driving accident. This Ohio family was denied the opportunity to celebrate their daughter’s high school graduation this year and seeing her off to college in the fall. Instead, they are now struggling to cope with her loss. Even though this man has been punished through the criminal justice system, the family may still seek justice and relief for their monetary damages through a wrongful death civil suit against the driver responsible for their tragic loss.

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