Common surgical errors

Common surgical errors

| Sep 25, 2016 | Medical Malpractice |

We visit doctors to address a medical problem and feel better. Some medical problems require invasive surgery, which can be risky. Not all surgeries are successful, and some might go horribly wrong. Sometimes doctors make vital errors that lead to the patient’s condition worsening. Surgical errors may lead to lawsuits against the doctors and medical facility, as patients have the right to sue. You may receive compensation for several different types of surgical errors.

One common surgical error is objects left inside a patient’s body. These objects could include medical instruments like surgical sponges, scissors, scalpels or clamps. Surgical sponges are the most common instrument left inside a patient’s body. The instruments cause internal injury to the patient. Another major error during surgery is a lack of hygiene which leads to infections. The hospital staff may be responsible for infections because they did not disinfect properly before entering the operating room. Patients can also develop infections during post-operative care at the medical facility.

Falling off of the operating table can cause further injuries. It is important for the support staff to make sure the patient is securely strapped onto the table. A patient that falls has the right to sue the hospital and claim compensation. Other common surgical errors include medication errors and surgeries on the wrong patient. These are usually caused because of clerical mix-ups and doctors being overworked.

If you feel an error was made during your surgery, it is your right to file a lawsuit in an effort to obtain compensation. It is advisable to hire an experienced attorney to file the lawsuit for you and help you recover any damages.