When the system fails you, we won’t

When the system fails you, we won’t

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You put your trust in an overall idea of consumer protection. That what is on the shelf at the stores has been tested and is safe to eat; that what retailers advertise to benefit your life has been scrutinized for efficacy and safety. You don’t take chances in your car, you stay off your phone, you don’t drive after drinking and you exercise defensive practices. And somehow, your faith has been dashed upon the treacherous rocks of an ugly reality.

If a product or service or act of consumerism was to your detriment, it could be due to a manufacturer’s negligence. This negligence may be improperly labeling the product or proper warnings. The negligence could be in the manufacturing process or the testing after manufacturing to ensure the efficacy of the product produced. Sometimes the cause of injury stems from medical caregivers that don’t heed the signs and ignore vital clues that could prevent serious ailments or death.

There is also a case for negligence based upon how a manufacturer and/or distributor acts once they become aware of a potential hazard in a product they produce or sell.

If you feel that someone is to blame for an injury or illness suffered by you or a loved one, the law office of Colley Shroyer & Abraham has the knowledge and experience to assist you in holding the guilty party accountable for its negligence. No one should have to suffer from anything that should have and could have been prevented. You don’t have to suffer alone and you may be entitled to significant remuneration for the unnecessary pain that you’ve endured.