As the weather chills, product defects heat up

As the weather chills, product defects heat up

| Dec 27, 2015 | Products Liability |

Each year, as the weather turns colder, people bring out their old space heaters or purchase new ones in order to keep the chill at bay. Simultaneously, over the years, we read and watch on the news as homes go up in flames and treasured possessions, or worse, are lost in fires resulting from defective space heaters. Did you know a manufacturer is also responsible for what is considered a defective warning on a space heater?

Any product that does not work as designed, and whose malfunction results in injury to a person or persons is considered dangerous and defective. When a product can become dangerous by improper use, and there is no clear warning stating the possibility of danger by misuse, you may have a case for warning defects.

For example, if a space heater can get too hot after running for a specific amount of time and that overheating can result in a fire, the company that manufactures the heater must clearly bring attention to that fact with a written warning. If the company fails to do so, and you or a loved one is injured, a personal injury claim can be initiated to hold the company liable.

A lawyer can investigate the circumstances and file a claim on your behalf. An attorney may also be able to negotiate a sizable settlement in order to compensate you for any harm that resulted from a defective warning, instructions or malfunctioning product. In some cases, the manufacturer may also be found negligent. Consulting an Ohio defective product attorney may be the best move you can make in such a situation.