There are myriads of ways to become a medical malpractice victim

There are myriads of ways to become a medical malpractice victim

| May 20, 2015 | Medical Malpractice |

Not long ago there used to be a television series titled, “A Thousand Ways to Die”. It featured allegedly true stories of people who met their ends in unpredictable and often bizarre ways. Aside from its ghoulish entertainment value, the series was a reminder that sometimes events can occur that you have no way of preparing for, and which can have enormous long-term consequences.

In a similar sense, when you place yourself into the hands of health care professionals and institutions, you may think that you are prepared for what may happen, only to discover that unforeseen events can turn routine procedures into injury-causing and even life-threatening ordeals. These nasty surprises can take place from the moment you are transported in an ambulance or visit the doctor’s office, and the chain of events from that point goes through diagnosis (or misdiagnosis), treatment (or delayed treatment), anesthesia (or an anesthesia error), surgery (or a surgical mistake), recovery (or a worsened condition), and prescription medications (or prescription errors).

In short, health care workers are human beings. And humans make negligent mistakes, no matter how well-trained or experienced they may be. In a medical setting, negligent errors may be of the harmless variety, but frequently they are quite harmful and long-lasting. Assuming that you survive them, they can be very expensive and time-consuming to correct, and the ramifications can extend into other parts of your life: your ability to make a living, your personal relationships, and your overall quality of life. Sometimes complete recovery is impossible, leaving you with long-term disabilities and the need for rehabilitation and therapy for the rest of your life.

We at Colley Shroyer Abraham understand well the unplanned and potentially disastrous effects that medical malpractice mistakes can produce, and a significant part of our practice is to help our clients to secure the monetary compensation they need to either recover from such mistakes or at least to cope with their effects. While we cannot undo what was done, we can at least offer our clients a way to move forward with their lives without being broken financially because of the negligence of others.

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