Misdiagnosis by doctors is frequent cause of medical malpractice

Misdiagnosis by doctors is frequent cause of medical malpractice

| Feb 5, 2015 | Medical Malpractice |

A trip to the doctor in Columbus, Ohio, can be filled with anxiety if you are sick or injured. First, you feel terrible, and you probably fear what the diagnosis will be. One thing you should not be concerned about is the ability of the doctor to properly diagnose and treat what is wrong with you, but, sadly, this might not be true in many cases.

According to a national study of the health care industry, the failure to diagnose a patient’s condition occurred in 10 to 20 percent of cases. Alarmingly, of the incidents of doctor error covered in the report, 28 percent of them were life-threatening. In some cases, patients died or suffered permanent disability as a result of mistakes made by their doctor in diagnosing their medical condition.

The true rate of misdiagnosis by physicians might be unknown. One reason for the possible underreporting of doctor error might be caused by patients seeking a second opinion. The original doctor might never find out that the diagnosis was wrong, and other doctors do not report incidents of misdiagnosis as often as they should.

A worsened medical condition or a fatal medical error due to a misdiagnosis by a doctor might constitute medical malpractice. If a doctor or other health care professional fails to perform at or above the standard of care expected of members of the profession, this might be medical negligence, and a patient could be entitled to recover compensation.

A patient’s right to compensation for a failure to diagnose and doctor error involves complex legal issues. This posting is an overview of the problem of mistakes by physicians, but it is not offered, nor should it be taken, as legal advice concerning this topic.

Legal advice about medical professional negligence or hospital negligence should only be obtained from a qualified medical malpractice attorney.