A dangerous product can injure even the most reasonable person

A dangerous product can injure even the most reasonable person

| Sep 3, 2014 | Products Liability |

People take steps every day to stay safe and protect their loved ones. We wear our seat belts, check warning labels on tools and consult a doctor before taking medication. However, even the most reasonable person taking the most reasonable steps to stay safe can end up getting seriously injured if another party fails to take the same precautions.

Let’s take driving as just one example. Imagine you are driving in your car; you are sober, avoiding distraction and complying with traffic laws. You are the very model of the reasonable person.

But even the most reasonable driver can still get into an accident if another party has been negligent or reckless. This is often the argument if, for example, the brakes on your car fail, or the accelerator gets stuck, or the car’s engine suddenly shuts off for no apparent reason.

When a product does not work the way it should — it can be as complex as a car, or as simple as a toaster — and that defect causes you an injury, then the law of product liability becomes something to consider.

Proving a product liability claim, however, can seem daunting. The manufacturer of the product may be large, and may have considerable financial and legal resources for their defense. You may think that you as an individual may have no chance against companies like car, drug or materials manufacturers.

But product liability laws can still allow you to present your case even against seemingly powerful opposition. Fortunately, you do not need to acquire the background and knowledge to make the law work for you, because that is something that we possess and are ready to put to use on your behalf. We have experience in product liability actions that can help you to even the odds.

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