4 million adults admit to being a drunk driver

4 million adults admit to being a drunk driver

| Sep 11, 2014 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

The serious injuries Ohio victims may suffer in an accident caused by a drunk driver have been the subject of several of our previous posts. Eye-opening statistics from the Research and Innovative Technology Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation demonstrate the extent of the hazards that intoxicated and impaired motorists pose to others.

According to the data compiled by RITA, three people die on the nation’s highways every two hours because they were involved in a drunk driving accident. The chances of being involved in a fatal collision with a drunk driver are pretty high. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that one-third of all fatal auto accidents in this country are alcohol-related.

An investigation by the CDC found that 4 million adults admitted to driving while their abilities to do so were impaired by the consumption of alcohol. Some of the motorists responding to the CDC study admitted to more than one episode of drunk driving. The researchers concluded from the responses that the number of alcohol-related incidents in a one-year period was 112 million. Surprisingly, this was the lowest number of episodes since 2006.

The CDC report recommends increased use of sobriety checkpoints and widespread use of court-ordered ignition interlock devices to reduce the high probability of an innocent person being the victim in a DWI accident.

For those victims who are fortunate not to lose their lives in an accident caused by a drunk driver, there can still be a heavy price to pay for another person’s negligence. Medical expenses, time lost from work and long-term disability are some of the damages caused by drunk drivers for which a victim might be entitled to compensation in a lawsuit.