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5 common causes of ATV injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2023 | Personal Injury |

The allure of all-terrain vehicles lies in their ability to traverse diverse landscapes at thrilling speeds. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources lists four state forests that have trails that are ATV accessible. However, the excitement of riding an ATV comes with inherent risks. Each year, numerous individuals sustain injuries while operating ATVs.

By identifying common causes of ATV injuries, it is possible to take preventive measures and reduce the risk of accidents.

1. Inadequate training and experience

Operating an ATV requires specific skills and knowledge. Many ATV injuries result from a lack of proper training and experience. A rider who does not understand how to control the vehicle, especially in challenging terrain, faces a higher risk of accidents.

2. Excessive speed

Speed is another significant contributor to ATV injuries. High speeds make it difficult for riders to control the ATV and react to unexpected obstacles or changes in terrain. Excessive speed often leads to overturning or collision incidents, resulting in injuries.

3. Lack of safety equipment

Helmets, protective clothing and eye protection can mitigate the severity of injuries if an accident occurs. Injuries often become more severe when riders neglect to use proper safety equipment.

4. Carrying passengers

ATVs are generally designed for single riders. When an additional passenger is on board, it alters the vehicle’s balance and handling. This imbalance increases the risk of overturning, one of the most common causes of ATV injuries.

5. Riding on paved roads

Though ATVs are capable of riding on various terrains, they are not designed for paved roads. The tires and suspension of ATVs do not handle well on pavement, increasing the risk of losing control and colliding with other vehicles.

By recognizing these common causes of ATV injuries and implementing appropriate safety measures, riders can significantly reduce the risk of injuries and enjoy a safer ride.