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How does a brain injury manifest?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Suffering from a blow to the head will often result in a brain injury. This can differ in severity based on a number of factors, but almost always requires some form of medical attention.

Understanding the severity of an injury is the first step to working on healing it.

Examples of mild brain injury

Mayo Clinic discusses the manifestation of brain injuries. As mentioned, this can differ based on numerous factors like the health and age of the victim, or the type of injury they sustained.

While the symptoms often manifest differently in every person, they also follow a general guideline which allows for medical professionals to make a determination about the level of care that a head injury sufferer might need.

For example, mild head injuries often have fewer notable symptoms to the point that some head injury sufferers in this category do not even know that they have any brain trauma at all. These symptoms are somewhat light and typically resolve on their own in a relatively short amount of time.

Examples of symptoms include passing headaches or head pain, temporary vision or balance problems and ringing in the ears which also fades with time.

Examples of moderate to severe injury

However, moderate to severe injuries typically have a much more notable impact and can include things like unconsciousness, vomiting, trouble with motor control, extremely painful headaches, personality changes and amnesia.

Regardless of the strength of the symptoms, anyone who took a blow to the head should seek medical care to determine the extent of the damage.