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4 common injury claim myths

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Even after sustaining an injury, many people avoid filing a personal injury claim.

Since this often means navigating new territory, myths and misconceptions easily add fuel to the fire. Three that top the list include the following:

1. The insurance company will provide fair compensation.

While you may get some compensation, insurance adjusters still have a job to do. Cost-efficiency often factors into the decisions made. Additionally, the insurance company may make an initial offer, which people often believe they must take.

2.  I only sustained minor injuries.

From not wanting to seem frivolous to avoiding the headache of a lawsuit, people often underplay their injuries. Unfortunately, certain types of injuries may take months or longer to make an appearance. After any incident, seek medical attention. This will provide documentation that injuries occurred due to the incident.

3. I can wait to file.

Having a wait-and-see attitude may leave you left in the lurch. Ohio statutes state that a person must file a claim within two years of the injury date. Although that seems like plenty of time, during those two years important witnesses or documents may become harder to get.

4. A claim will take too long.

Filing a claim does take longer than getting an instant payout, but the increased amount often becomes worth it. Additionally, most of these lawsuits happen outside of court, which means low odds of physically having to attend court.

As a victim, you have rights, including the right to gain compensation for the emotional, financial and physical strains of the event.