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What causes most truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | Personal Injury, Trucking Accidents |

Semis are a crucial link in the supply chain that can break when a crash happens. Not only is business disrupted, but serious and catastrophic damage often occurs.

When a truck collides with another vehicle, it often sends one or all occupants to the hospital or, worse, to the morgue. Getting a handle on some of the most common reasons behind these accidents may help drivers steer clear.

What are the top causes of truck crashes?

While no two crashes are identical, many recurrent factors may come into play.


The government developed rules that dictate how long a trucker may drive before resting. This prevents over-fatigued drivers from pushing it to meet a deadline. Even with these time-of-use rules, truckers often become fatigued due to their disruptive and non-restorative sleep cycle. Anyone who operates a vehicle drowsy is at risk of nodding off and also experiences slower reaction times.

Mechanical failure

The moving parts of a truck need constant maintenance to ensure they work properly. Any event that compromises the control of a truck threatens to become a fatal crash. Mechanical failures, such as brake loss, may prove preventable if proper inspections and maintenance occur.


Distracted driving is a leading cause of all crashes, not just trucks. The consequences may prove fatal when a trucker does not keep full attention on the road.

Tire blow-out

When a driver does not take the time to inspect tires or a trucking company does not remain on top of maintenance requests, the tread can separate from the tire, sending the truck careening uncontrollably across lanes of traffic.


Drunk and buzzed driving does not only happen behind the wheel of passenger vehicles. An intoxicated trucker becomes an even more dangerous hazard on Ohio roadways.

Truck accidents may cause the worst injuries. Remaining safe on the road may come down to diligence.