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Can minors receive personal injury compensation?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Adults are not the only individuals who get hurt in vehicle accidents. Children are at risk for serious injuries even though you may take every precaution to properly buckle or restrain them in the car.

As the legal guardian of your child, you have the right in Ohio to pursue a personal injury claim on behalf of your child.

Addressing personal injury claims for minors

The Parental Responsibility Laws of Ohio make a parent legally responsible for matters involving their child so long as the child has not reached the age of maturity. In Ohio, this occurs at 18 years of age. Conversely, a parent can bring legal action upon another individual or organization on behalf of a minor child or incompetent person when the child is not at fault for the incident. However, Ohio law requires claims involving minors to go to court to ensure unbiased judgment on behalf of the child.

Understanding personal injury claims involving minors

When looking into legal action on behalf of a minor, there is a different statute of limitations in place. While best to file as soon as possible, parents have two years from the date of the incident following the minor`s eighteenth birthday to file suit. Legal guardians are also entitled to consortium, which means a parent is eligible for compensation given the disruption the incident and injury had on the relationship with the minor.

In spite of your best efforts to protect your child, the negligence of another driver could cause severe bodily harm and emotional trauma. Filing a personal injury claim can help recover compensation for both you and your child.