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Common injuries and treatments for car accident injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Motor vehicle accidents in Ohio have the power to cause serious personal injury. The combination of high rates of speed and heavy hunks of metal is often catastrophic. 

Injuries from the roadways impact thousands of people every year across the nation. 

Common types of injuries

The National Law Review reports on the eight most common types of injuries from motor vehicle accidents. These injuries range from fairly minor to life-changing. Vehicle accidents frequently result in one or more of the following six injuries: 

  1. Bruising 
  2. Whiplash 
  3. Neck and back injuries 
  4. Concussions 
  5. Traumatic brain injuries 
  6. Post-traumatic stress disorder 

Broken bones and internal bleeding round out the top eight. As general protection, wearing seatbelts can reduce the severity of injuries in a motor vehicle accident. In the case of an injury, fast and professional treatment helps speed up recovery times and leads to better health outcomes. 

Effective treatment plans

Medical attention after a significant vehicle crash can range from fairly simple and brief to complex and of long duration. A look at one type of injury, whiplash, reveals some of the issues patients must deal with after an accident. The Mayo Clinic identifies these goals of whiplash treatment: pain control, range of motion restoration and resumption of normal activities.  The article stresses that many actions in the treatment phase depend upon the seriousness of the injury. 

Medical professionals might use the following methods for pain control: rest, heat or cold and pain medications. Treatments might also include exercise, especially targeted stretching, and sessions of physical therapy. Also, doctors sometimes recommend the use of foam collars to hold the neck still. Anyone involved in a car accident should take proper care with an injury.