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Deadly plastic surgery procedures

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | Medical Malpractice |

Though it is usually elective, plastic surgery is still a major surgical procedure. It can come risks that could lead to serious injury or death. According to USA Today, newer procedures often have more complications

One example is liposuction. In the early days of this procedure, surgeons did not have proper guidelines on how much fat to remove. There were also anesthetic overdose issues. After more research and experience with this surgery, it is now not as risky. However, there are new procedures coming out that lack safety research and basically use patients as test subjects.

Brazilian butt lift

The latest and deadliest procedure in plastic surgery is the Brazilian butt lift. This procedure involves injecting fat into the buttocks to make them larger. The fat often comes from other parts of the body, but when there is not enough fat, surgeons may use other substances. These substances constitute a risk of their own.

However, the biggest risk is where the fat or filler injections occur. Guidelines state that there should be no injection in the muscle, but in practice this can be impossible. Fat injected into the muscle’s veins then moves through the body to the lungs,leading to death.

If surgeons do inject only under the skin and not into the muscle, then the result can be lumpy and uneven buttocks, which is not what patients want. So doctors may continue with the risky practice to satisfy patients.

Though the safety standards for a BBL are impossible to follow, some doctors are still performing this procedure, even knowing it has a high death rate. Those professionals are putting patients at risk and stand accountable for their decisions. Ethical surgeons will not do the procedure at all.

Malpractice issues

If the patient suffers due to the actions of a medical professional, then he or she may have a solid case, especially if the doctor did not follow the accepted protocol for a surgery. Plastic surgeons who inject fat into the muscle during a BBL to get a better appearance are ignoring the high potential for it to cause serious and possibly life-threatening effects, which fits the definition of medical malpractice.