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Unexpected car crash can cause fear and confusion

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2018 | Car Accidents |

People are told to drive defensively and prepare for the unexpected. When driving in Ohio a person can keep an eye on the drivers in his or her vicinity and try to be prepared for any eventuality. But when a car unexpectedly veers into a person’s lane, defensive actions may not be possible. An unexpected maneuver like that may be almost impossible to prepare for. Such was the case in a recent car crash near Toledo.

A car was heading north on a local roadway when it veered into traffic and collided with another vehicle. That car burst into flames. The occupants were rescued from the burning vehicle by good Samaritans and then waited for help to arrive.

According to the police report, two people were transported to area hospitals. The extent of the injuries was not reported. The area was closed for several hours while officers worked on reconstructing the circumstances of the accident.

When someone is injured in an accident in Ohio it can be a scary and stressful time. The victim may be unsure of where to turn for advice and answers. A person in such a situation may benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer may be able to advise the accident victim as to whether grounds exists to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. A successful claim against the party or parties deemed responsible for the car crash may provide compensation for vehicle damage, lost wages, medical expenses and other documented losses.