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August 2017 Archives

Jury decides that baby powder is a dangerous product

Over the past few years, a once beloved product for families with babies has been ruled a hazard by juries, and victims have been awarded compensation in the millions of dollars. The makers of the product have denied that their iconic brand is a dangerous product and have stated their intentions of appealing the most recent jury verdict. However, Ohio families may benefit from learning more about the item at the center of the recent lawsuit.

Ohio man to serve 36 months for fatal drunk driving accident

Possibly one of the biggest milestones in a typical teenager's life is the day he or she earns the privilege to drive. While most teens are elated by their new freedom, parents likely alternate between pride and fear that a serious accident will befall them. One Ohio family's worst fears came true last year when their daughter was killed in a drunk driving accident.

Woman files suit against restaurant for slip and fall accident

After slipping on an unknown substance, a woman is suing the owners of the location where that substance was found. According to the report, a woman suffered a slip and fall accident while she was walking on a common property. She filed suit against the people who owned and managed a business on that property almost two years later. Although this incident did not occur in Ohio, similar premises liability suits happen regularly throughout the state.

Hospital agrees to settlement in medical malpractice birth injury

A young boy was recently awarded a $4 million dollars in a lawsuit against the doctor who was blamed for birth injuries to the boy's brain. Soon after, the city-owned hospital where the boy was born agreed to a settlement in the medical malpractice case. Birth injuries such as this happen far too often in Ohio and in other states.

Product recall for coffee that acts like Viagra

After discovering that its coffee had a hidden ingredient, one company has decided to take its product off the shelves. A product recall has been issued for the coffee, which is said to give those who drink it a boost that is similar to that of the drug known as Viagra. This product is sold online and is thus available to consumers in every state, including Ohio.

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