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Potentially poisonous kids makeup considered dangerous product

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2017 | Products Liability |

A popular clothing store that caters to tweens and young girls has stopped the sale of one of its makeup products and launched an internal investigation. The company known as Justice made the decision after deadly ingredients were reported by a television station that labeled the makeup as a dangerous product. Justice is based in New Albany, Ohio.

As the report states, a television station from another state sent samples of the company’s makeup to a lab in order to check for any substances that were not listed on the label. The Scientific Analytical Institute claimed to have found asbestos, along with heavy metals such as chromium, barium, lead and selenium. The lab’s director told the television station that the makeup should be treated as a poisonous substance because that is exactly what it is.

The company immediately removed its products from store shelves and launched an investigation of its own. Justice also issued a statement that declared concern for their customers’ health and commitment to product integrity. All stores have been instructed to stop selling the Just Shine Shimmer Powder. Justice refused speculation as to whether the product is actually unsafe until their investigation has ended.

Dangerous products can be a scary prospect, especially when they are designed for kids. When a company such as this Ohio-based one is found to have been selling products that contain poisonous substances to children, parents may panic. If anyone has a child that has used a defective or dangerous product, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help him or her to seek damages in a lawsuit.

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