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Reversing truck accidents have deadly consequences

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2021 | Personal Injury, Trucking Accidents |

A reversing commercial truck accident occurs when a truck driver fails to follow procedure while backing up, causing damage or injury to other vehicles, drivers or pedestrians in the process.

Drivers of commercial vehicles are professionals who hold specialized driver’s licenses, yet according to Policy Advice research, 74% of fatal car crashes involve large trucks.

Reversing mistakes that lead to crashes

Due to the size and shape of commercial trucks with trailers, drivers cannot see directly behind their vehicles. Therefore, truckers should take extra safety precautions when backing up. Many truck collisions occur because of the following mistakes:

  • Failing to perform a walk-around to look for obstructions
  • Driving too fast in reverse
  • Not checking blind spots repeatedly
  • Not seeking the assistance of a spotter when needed
  • Failing to maintain vehicle safety features (mirrors, lights or sirens)

Negligence in performing safety procedures, even in routine reverse situations, can lead to deadly consequences.

Post-collision to-do’s

If a reversing big rig hits your person or vehicle, you have some specific priorities to address. Immediately after the collision, find a safe place and call for help. You should seek medical attention even if you are not in pain, as you may still suffer from a serious injury. Collect as much information as you can from the truck driver, witnesses and technology like surveillance or dash camera footage that documents the details of the crash.

Knowing how trucking accidents can happen is important for prevention, and understanding the risks of sharing the roadways with commercial vehicles will help you protect yourself from dangerous encounters.