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What are the potential causes for a condo to fail?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | Personal Injury, Premises Liability |

After the condominium collapse dominating the news in June, it’s fair to wonder if you are safe in your Ohio condo. This is the type of disaster that can lead to significant personal injury or even death. Experts have explained what can potentially cause condo failures.

Building failures point to a number of defects

When there’s a problem with a condominium or any other type of building, it might mean there is some type of defect or multiple defects that can lead to personal injury. An expert from National Home Building and Remodeling Corp. stated that he has a few theories for why a building may suddenly collapse, such as defects in the construction or engineering of the building, and he stressed the need for regular inspections.

How often should safety inspections take place?

According to the expert, engineering inspections should occur at least once every 5 to 10 years. Part of what takes place during those inspections includes removing drywall and other materials to show steel beams. This can ensure that the beams are in good condition and not suffering from erosion. If there is salt in the air, it can speed up the erosion process as well. The expert described this process almost like cancer for buildings. However, it’s unknown how long this could cause steel beams to erode to the point where the building is at risk of collapsing.

Another potential cause for condominium failure is a concrete slab with cables running through it. If a cable becomes loose, it can result in a building collapse. Weather conditions can also play a part in this problem and lead to personal injury. Building codes change as a result of changing weather patterns, which means that older buildings may no longer be up to code years later.

An attorney may help you if you have been injured due to premises liability issues such as condo failure. An attorney may help you prepare your lawsuit and work to protect your rights.