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3 killed in drunk driving accident

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2017 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

Authorities found three dead at the scene of a horrible wreck that took place after midnight on Sunday, March 26. According to state troopers, the drunk driving accident was caused when an intoxicated man ran a stop sign while driving a van. He hit a family who was traveling in their SUV. The family of three was pronounced dead at the scene. Drunk driving accidents are a problem in Ohio, as in all 50 states.

The three victims were a 60-year-old father, his 56-year-old wife and their 33-year-old daughter. The daughter was a third-grade teacher at a local elementary school. Although there were passengers in the van with the drunk driver, they only suffered minor injuries.

According to the report, not only was the driver of the van inebriated, he was also in the country illegally. Border control was called in to help identify the driver, who openly admitted to agents that he is a Mexican citizen who is not legal in the U.S. He was taken from the hospital to a local jail, where he facing charges of driving under the influence and causing the deaths of three people.

This was the second drunk driving accident in the small town in one week. In Ohio, if someone suffers injuries or loses a loved one in an accident caused by a drunk driver, a personal injury lawyer can help. Personal injury attorneys can guide victims on how to seek compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, loss time from work, wrongful death, and more.

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