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Medical Malpractice Verdict

On Behalf of | May 20, 2015 | Medical Malpractice |

Verdict: $507,667.00. Medical Malpractice. Plaintiff Michael Sharrett, a 61-year-old truck driver, was a patient of Defendant Cy D. Young, D.O. of Defendant Maplewood Clinic, Inc. Beginning in late 2007, Mr. Sharrett began complaining to Dr. Young that his abdomen was expanding and he felt a sense of fullness. Dr. Young allegedly attributed Mr. Sharrett’s complaints to “middle age spread” and did not seek further evaluation. Mr. Sharrett continued to complain and, in December of 2009, Dr. Young referred Mr. Sharrett to an urologist who diagnosed him with chronic kidney disease and enlarged prostate with hydronephrosis (a distention and dilation of the kidney due to urine obstruction resulting in a two liter accumulation of urine in his bladder). Mr. Sharrett developed bladder retention and an atonic bladder, which is an irreversible condition that requires self-catheterization three to four times per day. He sued Dr. Young alleging that he failed to timely evaluate, diagnose and treat his condition. Mr. Sharrett also alleged that Dr. Young added information to his medical records relating to a referral which was allegedly refused by Mr. Sharrett. Dr. Young disputed Mr. Sharrett’s allegations that he breached the standard of care and asserted that Mr. Sharrett’s condition was neither caused nor worsened by anything Dr. Young did or failed to do. The jury found in favor of Mr. Sharrett and awarded him $482,667.00 in compensatory damages and awarded his wife, Plaintiff Kimberly Sharrett $25,000.00 for loss of consortium. Dr. Young gave his insurer (The Doctor’s Company) consent to settle after his cross-examination. The parties subsequently reached a high-low agreement. However, the verdict did not exceed the high agreed upon. Medical Specials: $15,000.00. Length of Trial: 5 days. Plaintiff’s Expert: Arnold Melman, M.D. (urology) and Jerome Daniel, M.D. (family medicine). Defendant’s Expert: William Giannakopoulos, M.D. (urology) and Michael Yaffe, M.D. (internal medicine). Last Settlement Demand: $350,000.00. Last Settlement Offer: $0. Plaintiff’s Counsel: David Shroyer and Eleni Drakatos. Defendant’s Counsel: Gary Hammond. Judge Reece. Case Caption: Michael Sharrett, et al. v. Cy D. Young, D.O., et al. Case No. 11 CV 594 (2013).