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Police investigation may hold the key to cause of auto accident

The results of a police investigation in the aftermath of an accident caused by an Ohio drunk driver provided prosecutors with the evidence they needed to bring criminal charges against the driver. An investigation after an accident can also be an invaluable source of information for an attorney representing an accident victim or the family of person killed in an auto accident.

What is "proximate cause"?

Causation is one of the key elements that you must prove if you are to prevail in a negligence-based lawsuit for personal injury under Ohio law. There are two kinds of causation: direct, and indirect. For our purposes we will focus on the type of cause that is important from a legal point of view, which is direct or "proximate" causation.

Product liability: When bad design or manufacture leads to injury

Most of us have occasionally experienced "buyer's remorse," the feeling that you get when you purchase a product only to have it not turn out to be the way you thought it would. Sometimes things simply do not meet our expectations. But on other - fortunately less frequent - occasions, the way that a product is designed or manufactured can lead to results that are not just unforeseen but dangerous as well. This is where Ohio law governing products liability becomes involved.

Dangers of texting and driving lead to police crackdown

Although it is illegal in Franklin County, drivers do not seem to get the message that a distracted driver who is texting and driving is not only breaking Ohio laws, but it also creates an increased risk of being involved in a head-on collision or other serious accident. A recent week-long focus on distracted driving by the State Highway Patrol led to in excess of 1,000 tickets being written.