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Protecting your rights when a negligent driver is in a police car

The victim in a car accident caused by a negligent driver could have a right to sue for compensation if he or she suffers a serious injury. If the evidence shows that a motorist drove in a manner that was below the standard of care expected of drivers, the fact that the driver was a police officer should not make a difference as far as liability for injuries caused to another person.

Car accident rates increase as Ohio teenagers take to the roads

Teenagers and young adults are taking to the roads in record numbers, and the accident statistics reflect it. According data collected by the Ohio Department of Transportation, young drivers accounted for 32 percent of deaths related to a car accident and 39 percent of all serious injuries.

What are Ohio’s drinking and driving laws?

No matter where you go in the United States, drinking and driving is illegal. But each state has its own qualifications of drunk driving, and they also have their own consequences. Ohio takes the safety of its motorists very seriously and has strict laws regarding this sort of behavior.

Official investigation of increase in head-on collision rate

State officials in Ohio are searching to find the cause and a solution to the increasing frequency of deadly wrong-way car accident cases in Franklin County and elsewhere. Accidents that begin with one vehicle traveling in the wrong direction on divided highways have proven to be 100 times more deadly than other types of collisions.

What effect does a drunk driver's death have on liability?

Most of the time when we think of filing a lawsuit against another driver for having caused a drunk driving accident, we think in terms of suing the driver personally. But what happens if the drunk driver dies in the accident? Does that preclude a claim against that person?

How does Ohio law treat comparative fault?

If you are old enough to drive a car, then you have lived long enough to likely understand that we do not live in a black-and-white world restricted to either-or or yes-no possibilities. There are many middle-ground possibilities to consider in life, and this grayscale spectrum exists when it comes to determining liability in a multi-car accident.

Woman injured in multi-vehicle accident in Ohio

Car accidents continue to affect the lives of road users in Ohio. Just recently, there was an accident involving multiple vehicles in the state. The car accident occurred a couple of hours before midnight and involved four vehicles, seriously injuring a woman who was one of the drivers.

Legislature to make texting and driving a primary offense in Ohio

When we last wrote about the Ohio texting and driving law in a previous posting, we discussed the dangers it posed and we reviewed the penalties that legislators had inserted into the law to deter drivers from violating it. Recent statistics released by state officials show that 20 percent of car accident deaths in Ohio are still caused by the distracted driver who is focused on his or her cell phone instead of on the road.

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