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Premises Liability Archives

Negligence per se: Dangerous property condition violating the law

If you suffer serious injuries in an accident in a grocery store, shopping mall or other location, you might have a right to make a claim against the property owner for compensation. Generally, liability on the part of the owner would depend upon your ability to prove that the accident resulted from inadequate lighting, icy sidewalks, a wet floor or other hazardous conditions caused or allowed to exist on the premises by the owner.

Premises liability at sporting events

If there is one thing Ohio residents love, it’s their sports. With the Browns, Bengals, Cavaliers, Indians, Reds, Crew and Blue Jackets, plus a national championship-winning college football team, you can find just about everything you could want in this state. Going to a game is a great way to spend a day with friends or family, cheering on your team to victory or supporting them after a loss. But it can also be a great way to get injured.

Is a landowner liable for the negligence of a tenant?

When considering who may be held responsible for injuries to invitees on real property that they do not own, it can be tempting to think that anyone and everyone involved in the use, control and ownership of the property is a potential defendant. As Ohio courts have interpreted this state’s premises liability law, however, this may not be the case in actual practice. Instead, under some circumstances an owner of property may not be responsible for the injuries to people on that property if the landowner did not actually exercise occupation and control over the property.

Property owners may be strictly liable for dog bites in Ohio

If you are bitten or otherwise injured by a dog, you might have a right to compensation from the owner of the dog and the property owner where the dog was kept. Ohio actually gives you two theories to use in seeking damages for your injuries. The first of these is a lawsuit against the negligent property owner who kept a dog that was known to be vicious or had shown signs of being a danger to people.

Your rights when you are injured on another's property

When you think of premises liability, perhaps the allegorical slip-and-fall in the supermarket scenario comes to mind. You step on a grape, lose your balance and hit the floor. But the way you fall is such that you sprain an ankle, or break your arm, or maybe even your hip. That doesn't sound so bad, does it? A few weeks in a cast, and you'll be back to your old self.

Who is responsible for an injury in a store?

Getting injured while you are shopping can be a scary situation. You may not be familiar with the surrounding area, and besides, you came to the store expecting to be in a safe environment. This kind of situation falls under premises liability law, and it is important to know your rights if this happens to you.

Premises liability can happen anywhere

The archetypical "slip and fall" accident can certainly happen when you step on a grape in the grocery store, but the concept goes significantly beyond retail establishments and customers who hurt themselves when they fall on the floor. Premises liability encompasses many kinds of injuries that can occur on almost any property owned or managed by another, as long as there are conditions on the premises that indicate negligence on the part of that person.

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