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What is premises liability? Part 1

Premises liability is a tort theory of liability that is premised on "negligence." The vast majority of tort-related cases are outgrowths from negligence. Negligence mostly holds that victims are entitled to compensation if they were injured due to the negligent actions or inactions of another. Premises liability is a type of negligence theory of recovery based on injuries that occur on real property (i.e. land or buildings). This post will go over the basics of premises liability.

Slip and fall accidents on another person's property

Slip and fall accidents are fairly common, especially with wet or slippery surfaces. Those who fall because of wet floors on another person's property may have the right to claim compensation. It is important to prove that you were not responsible for the fall. Furthermore, you also need to establish that the entire fault of the fall and injury lies with the owner of the property.

Why is my insurance company concerned about my accident?

If you have ever suffered an injury that has sent you to the doctor, chances are you have been asked by the nurse if the injury was related to any specific event. They may have asked if your injury was work related or if it was the result of a car accident. If you have ever had to say yes to one of these questions, you may have been contacted by your insurance company. Fortunately, this is standard practice and nothing to worry about. It is simply your insurance company determining if they should proceed with a subrogation action.

Can I sue if injured while at a state park?

Generally speaking, federal, state and local government bodies are protected against personal injury claims through sovereign immunity. Historically, this meant that individuals could not file personal injury claims or recover damages from government entities for injuries sustained on their property or as a result of employee negligence. Fortunately, there are exceptions to the doctrine of sovereign immunity, and in some cases, individuals can file personal injury claims and receive damages against government entities. Depending on the circumstances, these exceptions may include a personal injury claim against a state park.

If I was hurt at the house I rent, can I sue my landlord?

Rental agreements can vary significantly, and you would be wise to familiarize yourself with yours. However, if your landlord has been negligent of a situation you know they are aware of, and you are hurt due to this negligence, you may have grounds for recourse.

Recreational use and dangerous property liability in Ohio

People throughout Ohio enjoy a variety of recreational activities throughout the year. For hiking, riding horses and hunting, thousands of landowners give permission to others to enjoy recreation on their properties. Unfortunately, sometimes a recreational user will suffer an injury on dangerous property, leaving the landowner worried about liability and the victim worried about related medical bills and lost wages. So, when are landowners liable and when can recreational users seek compensation?

Don't let owner negligence continue to hurt you

Have you ever slipped on water on a slick grocery store or gas station floor? Beyond the embarrassment is the frustration that someone would allow dangerous situations to remain without remedy despite the fact that paying customers could be seriously injured. You may have even been injured, in which case you likely either footed your own hospital and follow-up medical bills and operated on a tightened budget thanks to the wages lost from the time you missed work, or you pursued the compensation you were rightfully owed. You may still be suffering from lingering pains or challenges that continue to remind you of your injury and negatively affect your life.

How does premises liability apply to recreational users?

Many people may be generally familiar with premises liability law in Ohio as it applies to the typical "slip and fall" situation in a grocery store or other retail establishment, or as it may apply to people who are injured while visiting the residence of another or even in some cases while they are on public property. But these are not the only situations in which premises liability can become a consideration. Another, less commonly known instance can be connected to "recreational use" of property.

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