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What factors contribute to bicycle accidents?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Staying safe while you ride your bike is something you have probably thought about. How can cyclists avoid a serious and even deadly accident? It is possible to plan ahead for road dangers by knowing how bicycle riders get hurt to begin with.

Bicycle accidents happen for many different reasons. However, WebMD explains some common causes that often result in cyclist injuries or death.

Insufficient motorist awareness

Many drivers do not watch for smaller vehicles on the road, such as motorcycles and bicycles. This lack of awareness can result in a collision. Rain or night hours also reduce visibility further and make it more likely for a motorist to miss a bicycle rider.

Poor road conditions

Badly maintained roads have potholes and cracks that could cause your bike to take a tumble. Also, debris on a street may block your way. You might pedal too fast to slow down. Water can also gather in a low spot after a storm and catch your bike.

Sidewalk riding

Riding your bicycle on a sidewalk might seem like a way to dodge road hazards. In reality, sidewalks present their own dangers and even boost the risk of injury. This is because bike riders can collide with pedestrians or standing objects such as a parking meter.

Alcohol use

Statistics offered by WebMD found that 37% of fatal bicycle accidents happened because either a vehicle driver or a bicyclist was under the influence of alcohol. The stats also determined that 28% of cyclist fatalities occurred because of bicycle rider intoxication.

Exercising good judgment could help you avoid a bad outcome. Still, some accidents happen because a person failed to practice safe driving. Legal options may be open to you if you suffer injury for this reason.