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How to learn about current car recalls

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Personal Injury |

A well-functioning automobile is important for safe trips in Ohio and throughout the United States. However, sometimes auto manufacturers discover a defective part or another problem in their cars that could endanger drivers and passengers. In such cases, the manufacturer issues a recall.

If a faulty car causes injury, the wronged party may hold the responsible company or individual liable for damages. However, keeping alert about recalls could let a car owner know in advance whether his or her vehicle is faulty and how to restore it to a safe condition.

Recall notice via mail

Consumer Reports explains that car owners generally will receive an official recall notification through the mail, marked with federal logos and the phrase “Safety Recall Notice.” The notice should inform an owner about the danger posed by the vehicle and explain steps to correct the issue. This method generally reaches new car owners, though. People who have bought a used car might not receive these notifications from a car manufacturer.

Recall notice via the news

A recall that involves a lot of vehicles or a major safety problem sometimes makes the national news. It is possible to learn of a recall alert through a cable or local news broadcast or in a newspaper article. News stories of car recalls can also appear on the internet.

Recall notice through online search

A car owner may learn about a recall by inputting his or her vehicle identification number into an online recall search engine. One is available on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. Ohio residents can also search a VIN number through the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Thanks to online search options, new and secondhand car owners alike can keep on top of recall news and alerts.