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How to prepare for the perils of winter driving

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Vehicular accidents are never welcome. Even when everyone emerges unscathed, cars suffer cosmetic damage. Insurance rates are likely to rise, leaving drivers less wealthy than before.

Roads get slick when snow falls and ice forms, thus presenting heightened peril. Fortunately, there are ways of preparing for wintry driving challenges.

Check lights

Blizzards make seeing other cars especially difficult, yet working headlights increase visibility. They also warn other motorists of their presence on the road. Verify that headlamps are in working order. Confirm that turn signals are operating in the manner they should.

Check wipers

Windshield wipers tend to wear down from the elements. Replace yours if the rubber displays cracks or using them creates excessive noise. Another warning sign is when they leave streaks.

A single snowstorm can drain incredible amounts of wiper fluid. Yours might be running low from the past season. Buy a bottle from the local gas station before inventory vanishes.

Check systems

Cars contain a cornucopia of parts that weaken with use. It’s dangerous to break down during nasty weather. Weakened hoses may need replacement. Driving with worn brakes can trigger disaster, so have yours inspected. Your vehicle might contain a heating system. Confirm that it is powerful enough to prevent frostbite during an emergency. Otherwise, stow wool blankets in the trunk to compensate. Drain and replenish older coolant, and have your mechanic perform recommended tune-ups.

Elevated risk comes with driving during this joyful season. Tend to your wheels before Jack Frost makes an appearance. The steps you take today could prevent trouble tomorrow.