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Can a personal representative pursue a wrongful death suit?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Catastrophic Injuries |

The loss of a loved one in an auto accident is likely to bring you a lot of grief and stress. Depending on your state of health, the heartache could cause you serious medical problems. Nonetheless, you may still want to pursue wrongful death damages even if something should happen to you before the legal process is complete.

If your health is fragile, you should know how a personal representative could carry your wrongful death suit forward. Even if you die, your representative can ensure that your quest for justice will not end.

Who is a personal representative?

Many people know a personal representative as an executor of an estate. When someone dies, an executor takes over the estate of the decedent. Common executor tasks include distributing estate assets to beneficiaries, notifying creditors, paying the taxes of the estate, and arranging for the funeral of the decedent. In addition, a personal representative can undertake legal action on behalf of the decedent.

How can my representative assist my case?

According to Ohio law, in the event a plaintiff in a wrongful death suit dies, the personal representative of the plaintiff can commence a new action in court, provided that the course of action is still in effect. Basically, if the case has not reached a conclusion, your personal representative can continue to pursue damages. Even if you are not around to reap the compensation, you may use your will or other estate documents to name family members to receive the awards from the case.

If you anticipate that your personal representative will have to conduct legal actions on your behalf, be sure your choice of a representative is up to the job. You may rest easier knowing that your pursuit of justice could continue past your own lifespan if needed.