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Valuable actions to take after suffering a personal injury

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Ohio drivers are aware of the everyday risks of their daily commute. Unpredictable lane changes, sudden shortstops, bikers and pedestrian actions have the potential to result in severe personal injury. If you have suffered a personal injury, the proper steps will contribute to your recovery and future well-being.

The first thing to do is seek medical attention and have a complete evaluation of your personal injury. After a motor vehicle accident, you might think you’re not hurt that badly; however, shortly afterward, you could be in the emergency department because of severe pain, swelling or dizziness. Getting medical treatment even when you don’t think you need it is wise because X-rays and MRIs can catch things you may not notice right away.

The top five things you should do after a car crash

1. Seek medical attention. Even if you feel unhurt, getting a medical opinion upfront is the best idea.

2. Document the costs. A severe personal injury comes with co-pays, prescription costs, additional home care, etc. You need to understand and document how your injuries impact your finances.

3. Use a support system. Family, friends and others are important to your recovery. Your support system will help care for you and make sure you get things that you need.

4. Communicate with your employer. It’s essential to know what coverage and benefits you have and let your employer know when you expect to return to work.

5. Follow your physician’s instructions. If you’re told to rest, take medication, use ice packs and attend physical therapy, following a doctor’s orders is best to recover.

Practicing safe driving habits is the best way to avoid serious personal injury. Remaining aware and alert while driving on the roadways can help you prevent accidents.