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Hotel occupants rushed to hospitals after a carbon monoxide leak

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2022 | Personal Injury, Premises Liability |

A Hampton Inn in Marysville was the site of a carbon monoxide leak that poisoned eleven visitors, with seven hospitalized in critical condition and four released after treatments.

The initial 911 call alerted authorities that a two-year-old girl had either fallen into the hotel’s pool or was discovered unconscious in the water. From there, several more calls reported additional children and adults also in the pool area who were dizzy with a burning in their throat. Some also lost consciousness.

A frantic call for help

With the Union County hotel under an evacuation order, Marysville Fire Department and city police sent out a call for help to several departments. Two victims were treated at the scene, with five seeking treatment on their own at Memorial Health Hospital. Some victims were also sent to hospitals in Columbus.

All other occupants left on their own accord with Hampton Inn management coordinating stays at other hotels in the area.

While victims staying at the Marysville hotel survived the potential tragedy, others have not been as lucky. Carbon monoxide poisoning remains a sinister and silent killer. Any type of facility housing people must adhere to the highest standards of safety. Falling short can have catastrophic and life-changing consequences.

In those potentially horrific situations where people suffered exposure to deadly fumes, legal help from a personal injury attorney is vital to hold negligent parties accountable.