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What driving behaviors are the riskiest?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2022 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

Car accidents can seem frustrating and unpredictable. When you are in an accident, you quickly realize how devastating and expensive it can be to deal with injuries and damage to your vehicle.

In many cases, however, car accidents can be avoidable. When you are more aware of your surroundings and know the common mistakes people make behind the wheel, you can be a safer driver.

Here’s what you should know about the most dangerous behaviors drivers have behind the wheel.


While some people enjoy taking their time to get to their destination, others are constantly in a hurry. It may seem more efficient to simply drive faster, but speeding is one of the most dangerous driving behaviors.

Part of what makes speeding so dangerous is that it magnifies the intensity of a car crash. Crashes at 35 miles per hour are very different from those at 65 miles per hour. Speeding often takes a fender-bender to a fatal collision.

Keep in mind that while you may feel like you will save significant time by driving faster, you very likely will only shave a minute or two from your arrival time. You are more likely to arrive at your destination safely if you take your time.

Driving while tired

Often when a driver claims another vehicle “came out of nowhere,” it is because they were exhausted and unable to process the information around them.

Whether you had a long day at work or had trouble sleeping, driving when you cannot be fully alert can be dangerous. When you are in this situation, try to find a safer way home, like calling a friend or using public transportation. While you may be tempted to have an energy drink, you likely will not have the same type of alertness you need to drive safely.

Ignoring weather conditions

The weather is a significant factor when you are driving down the road. You may have four-wheel drive and excellent tires, but rain, ice and snow can still have a considerable impact on the driving conditions.

As you prepare to leave for your next destination, consider if you need to leave early to account for how the weather could impact your journey.

Avoiding dangerous behaviors behind the wheel is essential for being a safer driver. When you use more care behind the wheel, you can increase your chances of getting to your destination safely.