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Older drivers and older cars could mean more accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2022 | Car Accidents |

There has clearly been a push to reduce the number of older vehicles in use in Ohio and the rest of the United States. Newer vehicles are much better equipped from a safety standpoint, and the enhanced safety features have even been a primary marketing point for dealerships selling newer vehicles. However, national safety advocates also would like to see the older model vehicles reduced in significant numbers as well because they are often involved in serious auto accidents. And this is not to mention the demographic fact that more senior citizen drivers are on the road now than ever before in states with an established older population.

Older model vehicles

Many individuals who drive older vehicles also lack the financial resources to maintain their vehicle in optimum condition, including suspension and braking systems. Malfunctioning suspension systems are actually the reason that many accidents happen, often resulting in serious personal injury claims. Drivers are not only responsible for maintaining control of their vehicles, but also that the vehicle is in reasonably safe operating condition.

Older drivers

The topic of further restricting older drivers has been a recent topic in many state legislatures. Statistics from studies evaluating accidents involving older drivers have shown an increase in both the number of accident injuries and collisions. Older drivers are also more commonly driving older vehicles as well because they want to avoid car loan payments or have sentimental attachment to a particular vehicle. More importantly, coherence and ability to drive in a faster-paced traffic environment could also be central to new guidelines for older drivers.

Social and economic dynamics are assuredly shifting in this day and time. Highway safety is becoming even more front and center as the U.S. moves toward a new generation of transportation mode, and both older vehicle use and older drivers will be impacted.